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I have been a lifelong photographer...
19 years ago (wow) I sunk a month of my pizza delivery earnings into a 2 megapixel Sony Cybershot digital camera (it was blue!) and a 16MB (megabyte!) memory stick that cost almost as much as the camera. It was horrible. But, something about the way it allowed me to interact with people in ways I'd otherwise never be comfortable was infectious.
As I learned more (and discovered Bresson), I realized photos could be so much more than shoulder-to-shoulder, smiling faces. A photograph could document the true essence of a moment, rather than just serving as an account of who was at the party. This realization has since defined my style as a photographer. I strive to capture those moments, forgotten or unnoticed, but so important to telling your story.
I am supported through this all by my wife Jessica, our daughter Amelia, and our son Benny Ben Ben.
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